Bradley Gough Diamonds

Ft. Wayne, IN

Freshley Media is the best agency I’ve ever worked with!  – Bradley Gough

Bradley Gough Diamonds in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is posting double digit growth in 2014 and there is a reason. With Freshley Media’s help, Brad Gough has focused his advertising dollars on radio and now totally dominates the top stations in the market. ” Traffic is up every Saturday and we are seeing, most importantly, those younger guys with modest budgets…3 and 4 thousand dollar guys we had lost to lower end stores and mall jewelers. We have a better product and frankly better prices than those other guys. The message is really getting out” Brad Gough explained, “Freshley Media is the best agency I’ve ever worked with!”

Bradley Gough
Richard Beaulieu

Springer’s Jewelers

Maine & New Hampshire

  Since hiring Freshley Media as our advertising agency we have tripled our volume! Bruce builds long term advertising strategies that really work so I can focus on running our company   – Richard Beaulieu

How do you grow a 100 year old jewelry company? You build a great old company just like you build a great new one, with the finest jewelry, the sharpest people and with great, market dominant advertising. That is Springer’s Jewelers’ Brilliant Success story in a nutshell. Since hiring Freshley Media in 1997 Springer’s Jewelers has tripled in size and is now the dominant high end independent jeweler in northern New England, with three stores in Portland and Bath Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Since hiring Freshley Media as our advertising agency we have tripled our volume!” smiles Richard Beaulieu, president of Springer’s Jewelers, “Bruce really understands both high end jewelry consumers and young bridal customers like nobody else. He builds long term advertising strategies that really work so I can focus on running our company”. He concludes, “After over 100 years in business, your reputation is precious, but you have to stay young and fresh to keep growing. Internet, radio and TV…Freshley does it all!”

Williams Jewelers

Denver, Colorado

  Together, our two stores are now a major force in Denver!  
– Steve & Bruce Williams

Since joining the Freshley Media in 1999, Williams Jewelers of Denver, Colorado has more than doubled in size. Today, Williams Jewelers is Denver’s leading high end, family owned fine jeweler. “Our two stores are now a major force in Denver. The radio campaigns bring in new people every day,” says Bruce Williams. Like other jewelers, they found that local advertising agencies just don’t understand the jewelry business. “Being outrageous will get you business, short term, but it never lasts. What impressed us most was the quality of Freshley Media’s commercials. If you are a fine jeweler of high standards who wants growth with integrity, get Bruce Freshley. He’s the best agency in the business.”

Steve and Bruce Williams
Alex Rysman

Romm Diamonds

Brockton, Massachusetts

  Trust me, I’ve tried other so call “expert” advertising agencies in the jewelry business and I went back to Freshley Media.   – Alex Rysman

“Trust me, I’ve tried other so call “expert” advertising agencies in the jewelry business and I went back to Freshley Media” explained Alex Rysman, president of Romm Diamonds in Brockton, Mass. ” Only Freshley Media has been able to take on the entire Boston market and actually build our volume”. Romm Diamonds is a high end independent, suburban jeweler in one of America biggest cities. ” Freshley Media’s radio campaigns were so successful we had customers drive from Cambridge to Brockton just to buy a diamond from us” Alex exclaimed, “Bruce Freshley knows the diamond business like no other agency because he was a jeweler. He really understands the psychology of the jewelry consumer and that is why he talks to them like nobody else does. He has a rare and special gift.”

David Fairclough Fine Jewelers

Toledo, Ohio

  We doubled sales in just two years. Incredible? Believe it!   – David Fairclough

Since joining the Freshley Media in 1997, David Fairclough Fine Jewelers in Toledo, Ohio has more than tripled gross volume. “In our first year alone we grew over 25%. The second year with the program, we grew over 53%…and that’s without sales or promotions!” Today, David Fairclough is the benchmark diamond brand and best know name in Toledo. “The radio commercials made the big difference. I’m still amazed how often people ask, ‘Hey, aren’t you that diamond guy?’” Today David Fairclough is not just Toledo’s leading Bridal store but home to iconic brands like Rolex and David Yurman. “Great advertising was the missing key, and Bruce Freshley is the best in our industry!”

David Fairclough
Davis Jewelers

Davis Jewelers

Louisville, Kentucky

  Freshley Media has played a significant role in helping us build Louisville’s Largest Fine Jeweler   – Hank Davis

Hank Davis’ vision was to build Louisville’s largest freestanding jewelry store, with some of the greatest Brands and most dynamic shopping experience that the Louisville market had experienced; and in 2001 Hank and his daughter Ashley opened their freestanding flagship store. Since hiring Freshley Media in 2012, Davis Jewelers’ vision has become a reality. ” Our media message is now in-sink with our brand and consumers across “Kentuciana” are really responding. We’ve grown every single year with Freshley Media! ” explained Hank Davis. ” There simply is no substitute to working with an advertising agency who knows our business like we do. Bruce Freshley understands and has a real passion for helping jewelry owners succeed, like no one else in the country…and he’s a pleasure to work with!”

The Wedding Ring Shop

Honolulu, Hawaii

  The Wedding Ring Shop is Hawaii’s #1 diamond engagement ring retailer and Bruce’s advertising got us there… he is the Big Kahuna!  

In the Spring of 1998 we received a Freshley Media mailer and after initially tossing it aside, I later went through it, was fascinated and gave Bruce Freshley a call. Since then we have never looked back. Bruce put into place what is now the most recognized radio advertising in Honolulu. In our first year with Freshley Media, we did over $1 Million in diamond business alone… and this out of a 675 square foot store in Honolulu’s famous Al Moana center. Bruce’s writing and radio production continued to blossom and we continued to work hard and grow. In 2006 we opened our new freestanding flagship store and growth has exploded even more. Today the Wedding Ring Shop is the largest diamond store in Hawaii. If you are serious about building your company, Bruce Freshley is the greatest advertising mind in the country. In Hawaii, we just call him… The Big Kahuna!

Louis Michelson
Mark Butterfield

Butterfield Jewelers

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Our first year with the IMG we grew over 45%…
and that’s without sales or gimmicks!   – Mike Butterfield

Since joining the Freshley Media in 1994, Butterfield Jewelers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has almost tripled gross volume. “Our first year, we grew over 45%… and that’s without sales or gimmicks! I’ve been able to maintain the high standards that are critical to the integrity of our industry. In fact, it is those high standards that are the central theme of Bruce’s advertising campaign.” Today, Butterfield’s is the benchmark diamond brand and best known name in Albuquerque. “I’m amazed at the fact that wherever I go, people say ‘Hey, aren’t you Bernie Butterfield?’ Now that’s market domination!”

Michelson Jewelers

Paducah, Kentucky

  He really knows our business.

As we say in Paducah… he’s our kind of people!   – Louis Michelson

As the largest fine Jeweler in the tri-states, Paducah, KY based Michelson Jewelers needed an advertising agency with national scope and perspective. “Over the years we’ve worked with many talented advertising folks but I’m telling you, Bruce Freshley was just what the doctor ordered. Our business took off right away. It was great to be growing again. We’ve maintained our higher end clients and we’re seeing new faces…especially in bridal and that’s so critical in our business today” Louis Michelson explains. Louis’ signature radio ads are known through out the region. “I tell any fellow jeweler who asks… Bruce was a retail jewel. He really knows our business. As we say in Paducah… he’s our kind of people.”

Louis Michelson
Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider

Long Beach, California

  If you need advertising and marketing help, just call Bruce!   – Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider is one of America’s most honored and respected jewelry designers, so when he hired an advertising agency for his flagship store in Long Beach California, he talked to his many stores across the country who carry his award winning line and he kept hearing the same name over and over: Freshley Media.  “We’ve worked with Bruce for years now and he has become an integral part of our company” Mark explains, “our flagship store had amazing growth this year. Every day we get customers who praise our radio and TV commercials. Plus, Bruce is just so creative and easy to work with. I tell every jeweler I work carries our line: if you need advertising and marketing help, just call Bruce.”