Why Your Store NEEDS Digital in 2018

So here we are, a week and a half in to the New Year, and many of you are still scratching your heads and wondering “Do I need Digital Marketing in 2018?”.  The short answer is YES!  Need some convincing?  Let me give you FIVE solid reasons why Independent Jewelry Stores need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018.

1. Your Competitors Already Invest in Digital Marketing
Don’t let the competition get ahead of you!  Your competitors are marketing online but chances are, they are using digital strategies that don’t work…ours do!

2. Digital Helps You Reach More Customers
A study found that 20% of people in the U.S. shopped at least once a week online with their desktop, 10% once a week via tablet and 11% once a week via mobile phone. Of the 19,000 respondents, 36% still shopped at a store at least once a week. Over 70% of consumers prefer brands that provide an in-store and online experience and over 85% say it affects their final decision.

3. This is The Digital Age 
Over 60% of shoppers aged 18 to 24 shop with their smartphone, substantially higher than the 44% recorded from other age groups. Digital Marketing has been disruptive to the retail industry. Retailers now get half the amount of foot traffic they did back in 2009!  How does your website look?  Is it “shop-able”?  Are you reaching customers through online adverting?

4. Online Traffic Leads to Greater Offline Sales
While many of the younger consumers are shopping online, other consumers intentionally browse products online, and decide to buy them in-store. Many consumers use the web primarily for conducting research and comparing other products.  You need to monitor your online reviews and invest in online reputation management. 

5. The World Will Continue to Become More Digital
The increasing number of new opportunities available out there are mostly digitally based right now. The innovations that will shape the marketing and advertising landscape going forward are designed around being digital and scalable online.

So what do I do now?

Don’t get left behind. Call me today and learn how Freshley Digital can give you REAL market dominance in 2018.

The Freshley Digital team has the expertise to help you with campaigns, both big and small, and figure out how it all fits together. Contact us today to help you get started.