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Freshley Media, Inc. Our TV is all about you. Most so called experts will tell you jewelry advertising is all about image. They are wrong. You don’t have to convince consumers that fine jewelry is beautiful and sexy, they already have that desire. The challenge is getting them to think of your store first. At the end of the day people buy from people they know and trust. Our TV campaigns are all about putting your face and name in front of as many upscale consumers as possible in a way that builds trust, credibility, traffic and business. Here are a couple of our recent TV spots…

TV Commercials

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Mark Schneider

Long Beach, CA

Mark Schneider


Romm Diamonds

Brockton, MA


Michael Scott

Ringmaster Jewelers


Freshley Media

Freshley Media is a multimedia advertising agency serving many of America’s finest jewelers. As the parent company of Freshley Media we have quietly served jewelers from Maine to Hawaii with brand development advertising strategies that have produced amazing results, year after year.

Since 1993

Since 1993, Freshley Media has helped fine jewelers from coast to coast take back their markets, rebuild their customer bases, and take control of their destinies.

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