Romm Diamonds proves Sports Radio keeps you in the game

A Winning Team
Bruce Freshley with Romm Diamonds CEO, Alex Rysman

Alex Rysman’s voice is immediately recognizable by tens of thousands of Bostonians. That’s because for almost two decades, Alex and Romm Diamonds have been on Boston radio. For the last 5 years, they have only been on ONE station, WBZ 98.5 The Sports Hub. As you can imagine, radio in the Boston market, the 8th largest media market in the country, is incredibly expensive. Buying radio is beyond the reach of most independent jewelers, but can create a great opportunity if you’re smart. Being a sports crazy town…maybe the most sporting town on the planet, Sports Talk is the perfect fit for Romm Diamonds because it allows Alex to communicate directly with his most important market…guys between 25 and 35, with very little waste. This critical market segment drives the diamond engagement ring business. “Almost every day someone mentions our radio ads at the diamond counter” explained Dean Learned, Romm Diamonds’ long time manager, “ It’s Boston. Boston loves sports…. The Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Sox. Can you think of a bigger sports town?” No Dean, we can’t.Even though Romm Diamonds is only one store, way out in the southern suburbs of Boston, they are a player. They have game. The lesson is this: In a crowded market you have to find a way to stand out. You need a silver bullet. You need to dominate a space…even if that is only one station. But with the right station, in the right market with the right message…you can compete and win.