Get Social With Freshley Digital

Social media has become extremely strategic to retail marketing, with 83% of marketers using it to promote their content. To help marketers master the art and science behind social media, Freshley Digital is continuing to advance its offerings by adding smarter integrations, and solutions.

“Engagement is Everything! Freshley Digital’s Social Media Management offerings can help our stores build stronger relationships with customers at every touchpoint and interaction on social media.”
– Bruce Freshley, Founder & CEO, Freshley Media Inc, Freshley Digital

In the engagement economy, where social media is becoming an integral part of customer service, Freshley Digital is spearheading the effort to bring Jewelry Retailers closer to their customers. With Freshley Digital’s Social Media Management platform, marketers can engage with customers at all times, ensuring a more personalized and proactive customer experience. Team members can work together to deliver seamless customer support, thereby building stronger customer relationships and increasing customer satisfaction.

Freshley Digital is your first solution to establish the ROI of social media for your store, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Freshley Digital clients will use this platform for distributing small, medium and large-scale content marketing campaigns through social media and effectively measuring its business value.

To learn more about how Freshley Digital is enabling retailers to intelligently manage, measure and amplify their social media content, please contact Julie Place, Chief Marketing Officer @ 843-790-3457 or