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The leader in Web Marketing for the jewelry industry.

Until Right Now

No one has figured out how to make digital advertising work for retail jewelers…until now. At Freshley Digital we market to Millennials where they live, work and play…online.

Mind Blowing

We’ve developed macro market digital advertising strategies that can identify, target and track engagement ring buyers… before they buy.

Freaky Efficient

We’ve eliminated wasteful ad spend by building client profiles and targeting prospective customers based not on guesswork, but by real demographic, geographic, web and shopping behavior.

Totally Millennial

Our Team is totally millennial so we think, talk, act and shop like millennials. We understand the target market. We are the target market… and the way most of you have been doing digital is all wrong.

Own Your Market

Freshley Digital’s web marketing system is so powerful it’s almost unfair. That is why we only work with fine, independent jewelers of the highest quality and standards and protect them with market exclusivity.

Affordable Targeted Frequency

Advertising is only effective when it’s highly targeted and delivers frequency over time. Our new Digital advertising platform delivers a full month’s worth of advertising, over 100,000 impressions, for less than the cost of one week of radio or TV!

Introducing FACETS…the Freshley Active Client Engagement & Targeting System, the most advanced and effective digital marketing platform ever built for fine Jewelers.

Now you can reach diamond engagement and fine jewelry buyers…BEFORE they buy. To tap into the power of FACETS for your store use the form below and let’s get started!

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