Dominate Your Market This Mother’s Day!

American’s spent $23.6 billion dollars for Mother’s Day in 2017, a figure which looks to climb even higher this year. This means a chance for stores to not only boost revenue but also create a positive image and brand by selecting the best marketing strategies. 
Get thinking about your Mother’s Day marketing strategies early!
Don’t wait until the last minute or your competitors may have already won the hearts of your audience. Aim to get people thinking about Mother’s Day and its link to your company 2-3 weeks before in order to make a lasting impression on them.

Plan a Mother’s Day social media campaign
Now is the time to be on social media. Be creative by sharing Mother’s Day gift ideas from your website/store, create a hashtag specific to Mother’s Day encouraging users to post pictures of their moms using the hashtag, use color schemes to go along with the theme so consumers can relate it back to Mother’s Day and tell a story with your posts.

Offer free shipping, special financing and gift wrapping
Free shipping is a great way to encourage last minute shoppers to buy from your website (if you are e-commerce enabled). Provide details on the last day available in order to create a sense of urgency for purchasing.  Offering special financing is a good way to draw people in early on, especially if the offer is limited time. Gift wrap options are another nice touch that appeals to the shoppers who might not have time to do it themselves or would like the gift sent directly to the recipient.  This shows the customers that you thought of every step along the way and make it simple for them to purchase from you.

Optimize your PPC Campaign
Optimizing the last week before Mother’s Day is an excellent strategy to drive traffic to your site due to the increase of clicks. Boosting budgets and expanding keywords accordingly will allow you to capitalize on the consumers search behavior during this time, including those making last-minute purchases.

Need help with your Mother’s Day marketing strategy?  Reach out today and learn more about how we can help!