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Please Welcome Anna!

Meet Freshley Digital’s new Chief Digital Designer and Art Director Anna Scheetz.  She will be joining us full-time beginning Monday, January 7th in our Charleston Studios.  As part of her role, Anna will be working very closely with myself and our entire digital marketing team to deliver the BEST graphic design work and compelling marketing for your jewelry store.  Her role will include website design, digital campaign design and any projects involving art, design and store branding.
Anna’s’ career began on the West Coast ( San Diego, Newport Beach & Seattle ) where she spent nearly a decade designing graphics and developing websites to support marketing and branding various industries including real estate, fashion, jewelry, media casting and personal branding. She has successfully collaborated with established corporations, startup businesses and fine jewelers to translate ideas and goals into eye catching visuals that reach and engage niche markets and audiences, making a lasting first impression. Having moved from Seattle, this wife and mother of two now calls Charleston, SC home and we are all thrilled at Freshley Digital to have her join our family!

Out With The Old!

Does your website need a new look in 2019?

Let’s be honest. When is the last time you took a GOOD look at your website? Is it current? Are the products up to date? Is it user friendly and “shop-able”? The New Year is upon us and that brings plenty of opportunity up your website game!

Your website says a lot about your business. In many cases, it is a consumers first impression of your business. Having a beautiful AND optimized website can be a daunting task and many folks are too overwhelmed and understaffed to take on such a major project.

The architecture and aesthetics of the ideal website change at a rapid pace, making it easy to find your site antiquated and in dire need of an upgrade or just not beneficial to your business. Users are now browsing the web from different devices, and the best practices of effectively reaching consumers are evolving at an equal pace.

Here are three signs it’s time to invest in a website redesign.

1. Your Site Has an Outdated Look
Aside from the load speed, the aesthetics of your website play a huge roll in a user’s initial impressions. If your website has an outdated look, it’s likely diminishing your authority and causing users to abandon the page.

2. Your Site Has a High Bounce Rate
If you’re paying attention to the analytics of your website (which you should be), then you’ll be able to see stats on things like the click through rate and bounce rate of your site. Bounce rate indicates the pace at which users are leaving your website, and be very telling of issues that need to be addressed. A number of things can affect the bounce rate of your website, including things like broken links, poor load speed, or a poor design.

3. The Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly
As has been repeatedly reported, more searches are being conducted from mobile devices than desktops, and a huge number of those searches result in a purchase or share. Bearing that knowledge in mind, you can’t expect your website to have that kind of success among consumers if it isn’t responsive to different devices

How Can Freshley Digital Help?

Here at Freshley Digital, we have years of experience designing and building websites for Independent Jewelry stores across the country. This is the ONLY category we serve.

Unlike a lot of other “agencies” out there, all of our websites are custom designed IN-HOUSE and Search Engine Optimized at launch. In addition, we are able to work with various POS systems, such as THE EDGE, to e-commerce enable your site. We charge a FLAT monthly management fee, never by the hour and NO hidden charges.

Send us an email today to see how we can help.

Digital Advertising is NO longer optional!

Why online marketing is so important

It’s critical to keep up with the times and be flexible in an ever-changing business environment. Do your current marketing strategies line-up with how people are buying today? What are you planning to do for the remainder of 2018 to find your customers? Do you know where they are? (Hint: They are online. A lot.)

In today’s digital age, it’s a challenge to advance your business without a robust online presence. Digital marketing is no longer optional for any company serious about making gains. 96% of Americans shop online, and most spend almost six hours daily* using their smartphones and tablets.

Use your strategic marketing efforts to reach them where they’re spending the most time. Your target customers are asking questions online every day. Does your website answer them? Are you sure?

Think about the last time you searched for an answer to a problem online. Did you use Google to search for a solution by name or did you ask Alexa or Siri for the answer to a question? Don’t miss this opportunity. With upfront strategic planning and by following digital marketing best practices, you can make the most of every click.


It’s time to plan for success

Don’t get left behind. Your competition’s marketing team is developing a strategic plan to target the same customers as you. Now is the time to start thinking about the best goals for your company, and how you’ll get there.

The Freshley Digital team has the expertise to help you with campaigns both big and small and figure out how it all fits together. Contact us today to help you get started.

* Source: Kleiner Perkins, EMARKETER

Do you know what your reputation is?

As a business owner, your reputation is your most valuable asset. No matter the size of your store, it is important for your brand and business to be known for reliable, trustworthy services. Maintaining your reputation is important for securing new customers and keeping existing ones. As more areas of our life move online, it’s increasingly important for businesses to take a proactive approach to building your brand both online and in-person.

  • 97% of consumers use the internet when researching local products and services.(BIA/Kelsey)
  • 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results they get and
  • 88% of consumers consult online reviews before they purchase local services. (BrightLocal , Local Consumer Review Survey)
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (BrightLocal , Local Consumer Review Survey)

What can you do to manage your online reputation?

I. Understand Reputation Management  
The first thing you need to do is understand what reputation management is. Anything that you do to shape public perception of your business or brand is reputation management. You should also understand the consequences of a bad reputation:

  • Businesses lose 70% of customers when 4 or more negative reviews are found online
  • 41% of companies that experience a negative reputation incident report a loss of brand value and revenue

II. Dispute Resolution
Knowing how to quickly and professionally resolve any disputes that arise is key to the success of any reputation management strategy. It is likely that your business will come across a disgruntled customer from time to time, so if there is a dispute resolution policy in place which clearly outlines how to tackle such situations, the matter is more likely to be resolved quickly with minimal damage to your business’s reputation.

III. Staff Training
Your employees are the face of your business, so if they aren’t trained properly in customer service, dispute resolution and your core brand values, they might not be representing your business in the best possible way. By implementing engaging staff training sessions and including a social media usage policy within your employees contracts, you can minimize any unintentional harm staff members might do to your brands reputation.

IV. Online Reviews
When you consider that 88% of consumers do online research before they make a purchase, it’s clear to see that the world wide web is one place every business owner needs to protect their reputation. Whether it’s on social media, review sites like, or on forums, you have to address what is being said about your business online. Here are a few tips for successful online reputation management:

  • Use Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your business online
  • Respond to reviews on social media and review sites, whether they are good or bad
  • Avoid confrontation online, try to take the discussion offline
  • Ask happy customers to review you online
  • Get involved with forums. Answer questions and become the thought leader in your industry

By getting proactive and following these steps, your reputation is sure to flourish. This isn’t, however, a strategy you can do once and forget about. It is an ongoing process which needs constant attention.

Need some advice regarding Reputation Management?   Give Freshley Digital a call today!

Dominate Your Market This Mother’s Day!

American’s spent $23.6 billion dollars for Mother’s Day in 2017, a figure which looks to climb even higher this year. This means a chance for stores to not only boost revenue but also create a positive image and brand by selecting the best marketing strategies. 
Get thinking about your Mother’s Day marketing strategies early!
Don’t wait until the last minute or your competitors may have already won the hearts of your audience. Aim to get people thinking about Mother’s Day and its link to your company 2-3 weeks before in order to make a lasting impression on them.

Plan a Mother’s Day social media campaign
Now is the time to be on social media. Be creative by sharing Mother’s Day gift ideas from your website/store, create a hashtag specific to Mother’s Day encouraging users to post pictures of their moms using the hashtag, use color schemes to go along with the theme so consumers can relate it back to Mother’s Day and tell a story with your posts.

Offer free shipping, special financing and gift wrapping
Free shipping is a great way to encourage last minute shoppers to buy from your website (if you are e-commerce enabled). Provide details on the last day available in order to create a sense of urgency for purchasing.  Offering special financing is a good way to draw people in early on, especially if the offer is limited time. Gift wrap options are another nice touch that appeals to the shoppers who might not have time to do it themselves or would like the gift sent directly to the recipient.  This shows the customers that you thought of every step along the way and make it simple for them to purchase from you.

Optimize your PPC Campaign
Optimizing the last week before Mother’s Day is an excellent strategy to drive traffic to your site due to the increase of clicks. Boosting budgets and expanding keywords accordingly will allow you to capitalize on the consumers search behavior during this time, including those making last-minute purchases.

Need help with your Mother’s Day marketing strategy?  Reach out today and learn more about how we can help!

Spring Is In The Air



This time of year has several marketing opportunites for the jewelry industry! Did you know that jewelry stores are Mother’s Day highest grossing industry?

Shortly after Mother’s Day, Father’s Day arrives and that’s a perfect time to showcase gifts for dad. Independence Day, which rolls around soon after, is in the list of top ten days for proposals. That being said, it’s a great time to give your bridal selection an extra push.

Freshley Digital is offering a special holiday marketing bundle, at a special price, to help you stay top of mind during this time of year!  This is an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the upcoming holidays and get your feet wet with some digital advertising, if you haven’t already. 

Already a Freshley Digital client?  See how this package can help enhance your existing campaign.

Whats Included?


Facebook and Instagram ads will help propel your message to consumers that aren’t actively following your content today. On average, a non-advertised post will reach less than 10% of your current followers. Advertising helps you reach the other 90%.

Only 2% of your web traffic will convert the first time they visit your website. Premium site retargeting allows you to serve ads to anyone who visits your site. Retargeting is your best option to reach the other 98% of your site visitors!

Throughout the campaign, you will have direct access to our team of Digital Designers. Each month, Freshley Digital will create a custom marketing tool for your store. Options will include: a custom e-mail campaign, Facebook cover design or custom counter-card design.


Putting Location To Work!

How Geofencing Can Get Targeted Consumers In To Your Store

So you are sitting in your store and watching a line of customers going into your competitor across the street. “What’s up with that?” you ask yourself.

You can’t run over there and yell out, “Don’t you know my store is far superior?” That would be crass. Be subtler: Build an invisible fence around those guys, as well as the rest of your competition in town.

Geofencing is just one tactic utilized when targeting your prospects when they are most likely ready to buy.

Once a potential client enters a fenced-in target zone while carrying their phone with the GPS turned on, we will be able to capture their IP address. This technology allows us to send them your ad on any website they visit that takes ads on their computer, tablet or phone.

And you can track whether they later came into your business. It is as simple as putting a geofence on your location. Can you think of any other form of advertising or marketing that will reach your competitors’ customers and then track them back to your store?

We can be creative when geofencing. Are you targeting fine dining enthusiasts? Put a fence around the best restaurants in your market. Are your customers likely to go to a big weekend festival? Fence them in.

In 2015, the biggest investment in digital marketing was targeted digital display. In 2018, it is expected to nearly double to nearly $400 million in select markets. That means your competitors likely will get into this game.

Why? Because this relatively new technology brings results that are measurable and arguably stronger than anything available today for targeting customers who digitally or physically indicate they are ready to buy.

If you are not running a Programmatic Targeted Digital Display program, you are missing the most effective small business strategy to reach your customers when they are ready to buy.

Call me today so we can discuss how Programmatic Display can drive more targeted consumers into your store!

Follow That Website Visitor!

Have you ever visited a website like, looked at a product and/or put it in your shopping cart but then left the website without making a purchase?  You continue to surf the web and notice that website and/or product image keep following you…what is going on?  THAT is remarketing.  Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to customers who’ve previously visited your website with banner ads they visit other sites. When a customer visits your site they are tagged with a special cookie allowing you to advertise to them online. This means you get another chance to convert them into a sale!

How Does It Work?
For example, visitors who are looking for an engagement ring may go to your website to browse the different styles, however, most visitors leave without completing a purchase or calling the store to set up an appointment. Knowing that the visitor is a potential customer your website can tag them as “site visitor”. This will allow your site to deliver an advertisement to the “site visitor”. 

Why is Remarketing So Important?

  • 96% of visitors leave without converting, and 49% of visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase. Remarketing helps you to follow a user from site to site to re-engage your customers to your website
  • 43% of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness and recognition. With remarketing you’ll be able to establish brand awareness in the early stage of the purchase process, and become the authority on your product
  • 56% of companies use remarketing for gaining customers. Remarketing helps you to regain visitors by showing them advertisements on other websites
  • 11% of companies use remarketing to target a competitor’s customer. With remarketing, your ads pop up on a customers browser after they go to your website or search for a particular keyword. That means you can target people who’ve visited websites that are highly related to your product, including your competitors!

How many times your potential customers see your ad is very important when they are ready to purchase. People coming back to your site for a second, third, or fourth time are more likely to buy, because they have already seen your website, so your products or services are more familiar to them.

Great marketing strategies help you reach your target audience and boost your customer base. Remarketing is your solution to reach your target audience, increase conversion rates, and improve your bottom line.

Call Freshley Digital for more information about Retargeting and other Digital Marketing Tactics TODAY!

* Data provided by quicksprout

Why Your Store NEEDS Digital in 2018

So here we are, a week and a half in to the New Year, and many of you are still scratching your heads and wondering “Do I need Digital Marketing in 2018?”.  The short answer is YES!  Need some convincing?  Let me give you FIVE solid reasons why Independent Jewelry Stores need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018.

1. Your Competitors Already Invest in Digital Marketing
Don’t let the competition get ahead of you!  Your competitors are marketing online but chances are, they are using digital strategies that don’t work…ours do!

2. Digital Helps You Reach More Customers
A study found that 20% of people in the U.S. shopped at least once a week online with their desktop, 10% once a week via tablet and 11% once a week via mobile phone. Of the 19,000 respondents, 36% still shopped at a store at least once a week. Over 70% of consumers prefer brands that provide an in-store and online experience and over 85% say it affects their final decision.

3. This is The Digital Age 
Over 60% of shoppers aged 18 to 24 shop with their smartphone, substantially higher than the 44% recorded from other age groups. Digital Marketing has been disruptive to the retail industry. Retailers now get half the amount of foot traffic they did back in 2009!  How does your website look?  Is it “shop-able”?  Are you reaching customers through online adverting?

4. Online Traffic Leads to Greater Offline Sales
While many of the younger consumers are shopping online, other consumers intentionally browse products online, and decide to buy them in-store. Many consumers use the web primarily for conducting research and comparing other products.  You need to monitor your online reviews and invest in online reputation management. 

5. The World Will Continue to Become More Digital
The increasing number of new opportunities available out there are mostly digitally based right now. The innovations that will shape the marketing and advertising landscape going forward are designed around being digital and scalable online.

So what do I do now?

Don’t get left behind. Call me today and learn how Freshley Digital can give you REAL market dominance in 2018.

The Freshley Digital team has the expertise to help you with campaigns, both big and small, and figure out how it all fits together. Contact us today to help you get started.