Freshley Media is a multimedia advertising agency serving many of America’s finest jewelers. We have quietly served high quality, family owned fine jewelers from Maine to Hawaii with brand development advertising strategies that have produced amazing results, year after year.

SINCE 1993

Since 1993, Freshley Media has helped fine jewelers from coast to coast take back their markets, rebuild their customer bases, and take control of their destinies.

Bruce Freshley with Kwiat Models at Couture


We are a true multimedia firm, but our claim to fame is our award winning Radio and TV commercials. Our bold and original spots have made our clients household names in their exclusive markets.

Web development - 12 years
Marketing - 25 years
Advertising - 27 years
Consulting - Since 1993
Social Media Sharing

We provide all of today’s most modern Social Media Sharing elements so that your clients can spread the news to friends and family with ease.

Fast-Loading Pages

We code your website to load all imagery and information at lightning fast speeds.

24/7 Support

Freshley Media provides 24/7 support with one-on-one connection so that you are always up to date.

Freshley Media

Our Team

Bruce Freshley
Bruce Freshley

As president of Freshley Media, Inc., Bruce Freshley has over the past two decades reached millions of people across the country with his radio and television commercials. This year his voice will be heard in 18 states across the US in radio commercials he produces for some of America’s finest independent jewelry stores.


Kaelyn Hawkins
Jerry Rose

Chief Web Designer
Jerry Rose says “keep it fresh”! He has a passion for clean, practical and modern design. Over the past decade he has designed web sites for some of the Southeast’s finest restaurants, law firms and hospitality companies. He enjoys helping clients solve problems with beautiful and functional website designs. Jerry believes that you should keep your mind creative by making or creating everyday.

Corey Luce
Corey Luce

Chief Web Developer & Operations Manager
Corey is the wiz developer behind all of Freshley Media’s websites. A child prodigy he started coding at the age 10. A specialist in Web Development , Graphic Design and SEO Marketing, Corey has been building web sites professionally for almost a decade. His passion, making websites fast, efficient and functional and staying on top of the latest coding technology.

Elliott Elsey
Elliott Elsey

Chief Studio Engineer
As Chief Engineer at Truphonic Studios, Elliott personally oversees all audio production at Freshley Media. A graduate of Florida State University with also a masters degree in Music Production from Middle Tennessee State University, Elliott has years of audio production experience in both Nashville and Charleston. There’s a reason Freshley Media spot sound better!

Martha Freshley
Martha Freshley

Account Management
Martha Freshley (the Boss and Bruce’s wife of 23 years) has over 20 years experience in jewelry store/advertising management. She handles all billing, account management issues & is the financial whiz who keeps us humming. When she’s not chasing down media reps for invoices she’s also mom to four very awesome Freshley kids.




Julie Place
Julie Place

Chief Marketing Officer
Prior to joining Freshley Media, Julie lived in New York City for sixteen years where she worked in strategic business development and marketing at several high profile companies, including CBS Television, Esquire Magazine (Hearst Publishing) and Glamour Magazine (Condé Nast Publishing). Julie has worked with some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world including Cartier, David Yurman, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co., LVMH, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mercedes Benz, just to name a few.